A Day Place Provides a Safe Place for Members to Gather

A Day Place program is designed to provide socialization while offering mentally stimulating activities, physical exercise and movement, games to keep people awake and engaged and active through out the day as well as entertainment for pleasure.  The program meets members basic needs by providing good nutrition and breaks throughout the day.




This is a thankful "shout-out" to the dedication organizers, staff, and volunteers of A Day Place. My husband has been attending the program since 2015. We started with two full days and have now increased his time there to 4 full days. Although his condition has deteriorated since 2015 and he is now nonverbal, I credit  A Day Place with his continuing willingness to cheerfully endure the indignities of dementia. He always has a smile on his face when I pick him up in the afternoon. 





A Day Place opened May 1, 2017. 

The opening of A Day Place happened to be one of those wonderous things that just happened the way things are supposed to happen. The need for an Adult Day Care Center arose and A Day Place was able to set up and start in order to provide day care for adults.  The program continues to grow and expand thanks to the talent and dedication of the staff and volunteers.  The members bring great joy and blessings to each other and the program with their presence. 

When my husband was diagnosed with dementia 5 years ago, it was an introduction to a different dream of our retirement years than we had anticipated, and it took some time to accept that new reality. Gradually over time, things have gotten more difficult, obviously. However, one thing that has been a godsend to us has been our involvement with A Day Place, which my husband attends half days each week day. 

Initially, I was hesitant to enroll him, as I was concerned, he would think it was beneath his dignity, and also, I had some embarassment on my part that I couldn't handle things on my own. However, it immediately became obvious that he enjoyed the staff and volunteers (all of whom are warm, loving, compassionate people), as well as the other attendees and the varied activities that are offered each day and I absolutely needed and embraced the respite from the daily grind of caregiving. I found time to enjoy self-care activities,  a very necessary part of life when one is a caregiver.

My husband responds very positively to the atmosphere of A Day Place, and looks forward to going each afternoon. I found that he is much more stimulated by the interaction with people there, as well as games, music, trivia, movement time, guest speakers and musicians, outings to the senior center or restaurants, and all the activities they enjoy together, than if we here to merely stay at home. Additionally, I have found wonderful friendships with other caregivers whose loved ones attend A Day Place, and we share our experiences and learn from each other, as well. 

Our involvement with A Day Place has been life-affirming in our journey with dementia; there is still quality of life, despite the challenges of dementia upon our lives. We are both grateful beyond any words I can express for having A Day Place in our lives.